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is the smallest registered
miniature donkey in the USA
and the world
25.29" @ 12 years old

Top notch conformation:
top line, legs, body, width, depth,
teeth, head, proportion, tracking.

Everything in this tiny 25 1/4"  
package is perfect and amazing!

Although small in stature, this boy
does have a  
very big

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Little KneeHi
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A "Little" About KneeHi

Born October 2, 2007  -   The World's Smallest Donkey,  25.29 inches.

Birth Ht: 16.5"   Height @ 12 months 23.5", 16 mo 23.75", 18 mo 24", 21 mo 24.25", Birthday Oct 2, 2009/24 mo 24.25", 32 mo 24.5", 3 years 25.2", 6 yrs, 25.29"
Dam: Itsy Bitsy Annie 27.5", Sire  Golden Point's GP Billy Bob 29", Grand Sire: GP Oscar, 26.75"

We are so proud to be the home of the smallest registered miniature donkey jack in the world !
We were happy when research proved KneeHi to be the smallest registered donkey in Florida. We were overjoyed when he was verified
the smallest in this great USA! When research verified him to be the smallest registered miniature donkey in the world, we were speechless!

Mr. Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief, Guinness World Records Limited, measured KneeHi right here at our home with a veterinarian and witnesses present.
KneeHi was featured on
British TV, ITV's "Super Tiny Animals" in November 2011. Within minutes, the tiniest donkey trended on Twitter.

Bright eyed, bushy tailed and beautifully conformed, Little KneeHi is only 25 1/4" tall.  He is smaller than a 2-month old foal. It's true folks.
Read about KneeHi in the Jan. 2009 issue of Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine, page 31 and KneeHi's Story, page 21, "Tiny, Tiny, Tiny."
It doesn't get
any better than this!
Education is Important!
A Family Effort  -  Have We Gone Country or Crazy?
Dear Visitors,

have gone country just outside cosmopolitan Gainesville, FL!  Some of our relatives and friends say we've gone crazy.  After living in a crowded
subdivision in town, we now live on a self-made farm with miniature donkeys, horses, goats, and chickens. On our farm, there are occasional visits
from raccoons, deer, snakes, foxes, opossums, hawks, and other critters.  We have our same city jobs (retirement is a bit further away now) plus all
the farm work, which is far more
fun than work. Well, most of the time. Whew, there is always a lot to do!

In town, it took us 30 minutes to get a gallon of milk from our nearby grocery.  Getting milk takes about the same amount of time now but it's much
fresher directly from our dairy goats! We also enjoy our hormone-free eggs straight from our son's very happy 4H prize-winning chickens. In March
2008, his chicken won Best Male Exhibition Bird, in 2007 Best Male Production Bird in all of Alachua County, Florida.  That's in addition to winning in
2005 and 2006. Sorry, but a mother has to brag now and then. Ryan has moved on to marching band (Go SF Raider Regiment!) but still loves poultry
and is happy to help other young 4-H members get a good start.

Oh yes, the stars.  They are far more beautiful viewed without the hindrance of city lights and much more enjoyable in the quiet of a country evening.

Of course, our city-living friends and relatives think we have gone insane (and tell us so) when we talk about miniature donkey pedigree!  We tell them
we have not gone insane, but rather we've gone country.  If you are reading this in your search for farm animals, you understand about farm life and all
it has to offer!  Sometimes, we ask ourselves if it is worth it and the answer is always, "Yes it is and we wouldn't trade country living for any other kind."  
After many miraculous miniature donkey births, we are here to stay! We thank God every day for watching over us and providing our many blessings.
There's another questions we ask, "What if we woke today with only the things we thanked God for yesterday?"

Visit our farm, where we love and care for miniature donkeys daily. Thanks for visiting our site and may God bless you and yours!

The Lee Family
Gainesville, Florida
to visit our site.
Farming for the fun of it since 1998

352-339-3908, 352-727-0006                        Jim, Frankie, and Ryan Lee, 13903 Millhopper Road, Gainesville, FL                          bestfriendsfarm@yahoo.com