Welcome to our Family Business                             352-727-0006
My dad and I started our partnership so I could learn about business.

We want to provide our customers with
Quality firewood (mixed dry and green wood for a long-lasting fire)
Excellent customer service -- when you are happy, we are happy!
A reasonable price!

We work together on weekends to stock up our wood so it can cure.  Here's what we do to make our wood the best fire wood you can buy
Stack it up, off the ground so it will dry nicely to reduce "popping"
Cut it in lengths of 24", 28", and 32"  for your convenience
Split it in quarters and smaller for easy handling (your choice)
Split in halves for slow burning -- a good country fire!

Type of wood available
Oak and hickory mix
Fat Lighter Wood to start your fire

Lengths available
24", 28", 32"
Custom sizes cut to size upon request at no extra charge!

We have sold firewood for five years and hope to continue to build our business.
If you enjoyed our fire wood, please tell a friend about us!
Earth, Wind and FireWood  352-727-0006
Ryan and Jim Lee
Saturdays anytime &
M-F evenings 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.