Senior Herd Sire Lawzyday Farm's Sancho Panza
Height:   32"
Color:  Chocolate
Born:   March 16, 1998
Disposition:   Phenomenal
Sire:  Laughlin's Cochese, Red
Dam:   LDF Violet, 32", Dark brown
Grandsire:   KDL Black Hawk, 32" Black w/cross
Greatsire:    River's Crest  Blackberry, 32" Black

Extended Pedigree:
Lawzyday's Sancho Panza, is a 32 inch, stocky dark chocolate jack with excellent conformation and bone. He has style and presence.  
He tracks beautifully and his movement is graceful. Sancho Panza is sired by Laughlin's Cochese, with lineage to The Fireman, Black
Hawk, Blackberry plus heritage dating back to the original Sicilian imports LCR's Valentino 49 (Winchester) and Philamena 34.

Sancho has passed on his excellent conformation and wonderful disposition to his foals. In them you will find his qualities: sturdy legs,
nice round butt, short stocky build, beautiful head, and a strong neck all perfectly proportioned in a 32" package.
Heritage lives in Florida!
Here at Best Friends Farm Miniature Donkeys, you can get what you want:  Pedigree, Color, Size, and all at an affordable price!

Our excellent bloodlines include lineage from:
The Fireman
Red Lightening
LER Red Cher-o-kee
Cherries Jubilee
Eric the Red
Mesquakie Fox
GP Oscar
Bo Jackson
Black Out
Black Hawk
Little Caesar
Valentino 49
Valentino 33
Valentino 14
Throwback to Blue

We are also proud to have owned the finest 3-star jennet in the USA!
PMF Bonnies' Peanut is a beauty!

"Thank you" to Mr. Bill Wray, Wrayland Farms, Perry, GA for helping us add this beautiful donkey to our herd!
-- Please see our ad in Miniature Donkey Talk, P 31, Issue #132, Jan/Feb/Mar 2009 --
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Updated 1-21-21
Sancho Panza is available for stud. His stud fee of $600 includes board for your jennet for up to 3 months, hand breeding, and a veterinary pregnancy certificate.
Live birth is guaranteed.
  • The Fireman, Sorrel
  • Grumpy
  • LCR Valintino 49, Sorrel
  • RC's Merlin, Black
Born October 2, 2007
We can't believe he is 11 years old and the same size as in the picture above!!

We know it sounds unbelievable.  Please come by and see the world's smallest donkey. He loves visitors! Be warned -- he is quite SPOILED!
Height:  25.3" @ 6 years old
Color:  Brown
Conformation:  Perfect in every aspect
Disposition:  Oh so sweet
with a BIG Attitude!
Sire:  GP Billy Bob, 29"
Dam: Itsy Bitsy Annie, 27.5"
Great Sire: GP Oscar, 26.5"  In 2008, Smallest known registered jack, deceased 2008

Introduced, October 10, 2007 Georgia National Fair
Presented by breeder, Mr. Bill Wray, October 2, 2008, Georgia National Fair as The World's Smallest Jack
Won 2008 GNF Trophy for most-loved exhibit (Who wouldn't love this little guy!) Please see Oct. MDT magazine, page 30.
July 2011, Filmed for British ITV network's, World's Tiniest Animals
January 2012, debuted on Great Britain's ITV series, World's Tiniest Animal
January 2014, Guinness Book of World Records
May 2014, Woman's Day Magazine
When you visit, ask to see KneeHi!
Wray's GP-Oscar's KneeHi
The World's Smallest Registered Jack, 25.3", Guinness World Record
Notice the head:  this is the
shape and character of the
original 1920 Sicilian
Farming for the fun of it since 1998
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