Our Firewood                                                                352-727-0006

Here's what we do to make our wood the best firewood you can buy:
Store off the ground so wood will dry nicely to reduce "popping"
Cut to your specifications
Split in quarters or smaller for easy handling (your choice)
Split in halves for slow burning -- a good country fire!
For your fireplace, wood stove, or even a camping trip
Provide you with tips about safety and energy efficiency

Type of wood available:
Oak and hickory mix
Fat Lighter Wood

Lengths available:
24", 28", 32"
Other custom sizes cut to order upon request at no extra charge!

We have sold firewood for
three years and hope to continue to build our business. Please refer us if you enjoyed our fire wood!
Earth, Wind and Firewood  352-727-0006
Our products are great for the environment
We've been in business for over two years
Call our local number
Ryan and Jim Lee
Saturdays anytime & Evenings 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
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