How To Buy a Miniature Donkey From Us, Easy as 1-2-3
Updated 1-21-21
Three easy steps
STEP 1: Check our For Sale Page to pick a baby or adult donkey you like.

STEP 2: Call us at 352-339-3908 to arrange a visit and select your perfect donkeys and to learn about mini  
donkey care.

STEP 3: Place a deposit to hold your favorite little donkey until she is weaned at four months of age and can
go home with you. Payment options include:

  • The balance can be paid in installments before pick up or upon pick up
  • Multiple purchase discount

You will receive a contract (that protects both buyer and seller) and the business end is done! All you have
to do is wait.  Please note: After you fall in love with one of our little foals,
waiting is the hardest part!


You have your choice of registered pet or breeding quality, affectionate, well-mannered donkeys for the best
price in the state of Florida. Compare prices at! We aren't big nor do we show,
however, many of our donkeys are from show-quality stock. Best Friends Farm Miniature Mediterranean
Donkeys are bred to produce wonderful dispositions and excellent conformation in pet and breeding-quality
miniatures. All of our little donkey foals are sweet, human-loving, and easy to train. They get that way FAST
because we can't keep from loving on them, picking them up, hugging and scratching them, and yes, even
kissing them.  My husband won't admit to that, but I've spotted him puckering up a couple of times.

We specialize in purebred Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, with pedigrees back to the original Sicilian  
imports from the late 1920's. Isn't it nice to know you are getting the very best and the originals!

We also carry a variety of beautiful and affectionate pet-quality miniature donkeys. Pet-quality means the
conformation is not up to the nearly perfect-rating show/breeding standards of the National Donkey and Mule
Society. Examples might include a slightly angled neck or rib shallowness, which do not affect the behavior or
health of the donkey, but nevertheless make them pet quality rather than show quality.

We have baby miniature donkeys born almost every month of the year, so we will very likely have one just for
you. Foals can be weaned at four months (
click here to see why). We have two jacks with different  
pedigrees and many excellent bloodlines within our family of jennets. Please take a look at our
Breeding Plan
to see how we determine which donkeys to pair up for breeding.

When you take your donkey home, we will send with her Your Miniature Donkey Owner's Manual which
  • Vaccination, worming, and hoof care Record Sheet
  • Care and feeding instructions
  • Worming, farrier, and every-day care information
  • Blank health record forms for you to use later
  • A negative Coggins test (required by law)
  • Completed registration application forms for ADMS (show or breeding quality)
  • Stud Report (required by ADMS for show or breeding quality)
  • A properly fitting halter with lead rope
  • A list of the best donkey-product/info websites and on-line donkey groups for additional information
  • Service after the sale (If you have a problem, we do too!) We want you to be happy. We want to
    maintain a good reputation, so we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy and
    comfortable with your new donkey. Call or email us anytime, permanently. Take a look at what a
    reputable donkey breeder does. Best Friends Farm Miniature Donkeys FL has been raising and
    offering miniature donkeys for sale since 1998.

We want you to be happy, confident, and comfortable with your new donkey. It is very important to us that
she will be happy in her new home. Your customer service includes everything we can do to make sure that
happens for the lifetime of your donkey (that's a 30-year service plan).

Give us a call at the farm and we will be happy to tell you all about our miniature donkey care and answer
any questions you might have. Sale or no sale, we are happy to do that for you.

Hope to h
ear from you soon,

Jim, Frankie, and Ryan Lee
352.333.3819 or 352.339.3908
Gainesville, FL
Home of the Univ of FL Fightin' Gators  --  Go Gators!
Our Senior Sire

Lawzyday Farm's
Sancho Panza
Sancho is pedigreed to the
original Sicilian Imports.
See information about
his excellent pedigree at
Herd Sires.
Sancho has to be the most
gentle, loyal jack in the
land.  I am not exaggerating!
He follows me around like a
puppy. He waits patiently
for scratches and hugs.
Sancho really gets his
feelings hurt
if I shew him away, so I
always ask him politely to
move off when I need
to do some work.

Good manners
tell me to thank him for
letting me get my work
done.  But even if I forget
and leave without saying
he still loves me!

By the way, all his babies
have inherited his loving,
patient disposition! You
can't find a sweeter, better
pedigreed daddy donkey

And you can't say that
about just any
daddy donkey!

This boy is
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Our Smallest Sire

Wray's Oscar's KneeHi