Lesson Three
The Ethical Principles of Buying or Selling Miniature Donkeys
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Updated 1-21-21
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Before you buy or sell a Mediterranean Miniature Donkey, please consider these things for the care and welfare of the jennet, jack, gelding, or foal as well as
for yourself, the future owner and donkey care provider. Here are some guidelines to stick to:

  • Miniature donkey should  be in good physical condition whether to be sold as a pet or as breeding stock.

  • Buyer should be provided health and breeding history with full disclosure of any pertinent information the owner should be aware of.

  • Buyer should be forthright with the seller as to the future of the donkey purchased, either show, breeding, or pet.

  • Donkey to be behaviorally sound, living within the herd and not weaned earlier than 4 months of age.

  • Registration certificate, signed transfer, and pedigree records current with the registry of choice.

  • Any sales guarantees should be spelled out and signed.

  • Breeding stock that represent the guidelines outlined in the NMDA's Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Breed Standard.

  • Information about the Breed including miniature donkey care, diet and other necessary information.

  • The newly purchased donkey to be current on vaccinations, worming and hoof trimming. This information should be in writing with dates and types of

  • A properly fitted halter and lead provided.

  • Buyers should seek out breeders who adhere to the above principles and thereby demonstrate their responsibilities to both the buyer and the
    Mediterranean Miniature Donkey Breed.

  • There are at least 20 Mediterranean Miniature Donkey breeders in Florida.  This should create plenty of neighborly competition so the buyer can get
    everything she/he wants in a miniature donkey.  Here is what you, the buyer, should look for:

  • reputable breeder who knows and loves the breed
  • quality conformation (not as important to those who want a pet and will not be breeding donkeys)
  • extended pedigree (important to those who will be breeding)
  • friendly disposition
  • affectionate, trusting foal (this comes from imprinting at birth and spending time with the foal)
  • information
  • fair price
  • service after the sale (answers for questions which may arise after the donkey goes to her new home. Contact your seller if you have a
    question, even a little one.)

Here at Best Friends Farm Miniature Donkeys, we believe that responsible miniature donkey breeders who follow the guidelines above will create good
reputations, serve as role models for others who want to become breeders, contribute to the integrity of the Miniature Donkey Breed and create a happy and
knowledgeable customer. A breeder's love for the miniature donkey breed will quite naturally assist with all of these. If you have any questions, please call us
at 352-333-3819.  We love to talk donkeys!