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Updated 1-21-21
Here at Best Friends Farm, you can learn about
miniature donkey care, health, and uses.

We share information, including our personal
donkey experiences, so you will be comfortable and
happy with your new four-footed family members.

Our goal is for you and your new donkey(s) to be
happy with each other for a life-long friendship!

Please look over the following guidelines and feel
free to ask us questions. We always have time to
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Lesson One
The Miniature Donkey Breeder's Responsibility To Their Donkeys and Their Customers
Take care to buy your miniature donkeys from a trusted breeder. Best Friends Farm Miniature Donkeys  - here since 1998.
Printed with permission of American Donkey and Mule Society and National Miniature Donkey Association
When choosing a miniature donkey, purchase from a breeder who follows these high standards:
  • Breeds their Donkeys with the future of the Miniature Donkey gene pool foremost in mind using the guidelines outlined in NMDA Miniature
    Mediterranean Donkey Breed Standard.
  • Selects breeding pairs with the intention of improving the offspring and recommends appropriate donkeys to non-breeding homes.
  • Promotes the breed honestly to people interested and discourages people from buying on impulse or those who cannot adequately provide for them.
  • Avoids breeding solely for short-term market fads such as size or color.
  • Maintains current health and registry records.
  • Maintains a current stud report filed with American Donkey and Mule Society, ADMS.
  • Is honest in sales and advertising and offers animals that are realistically priced reflecting their conformation, sex, age, and health.
  • Follows up with buyers to assure that they are satisfied with their animals & that the donkeys are properly cared for.
  • Provides proper shelter and diet for their Miniature Donkeys.
  • Breeds jennets only when they are physically and mentally mature at three years and older.
  • Breeds no smaller than the recommended minimum height (+30" at withers, currently being reconsidered) as stated in the NMDA Breed Standard.
  • Continues to breed only if there is a market for the offspring and if the animals will make a contribution to the breed.
  • Registers or transfers all donkeys before they leave the farm or prepare paperwork for customer.
  • Gelds the majority of jack foals and encourages the buyer to do so.
  • Is prepared to humanely put down donkeys that are in very bad health or dire health emergencies in which the donkey cannot be saved. This is the
    hardest part.

Responsible miniature donkey breeders who base their actions on these ethical principles build solid reputations, serve as role models for future breeders,
and most importantly, contribute to the integrity of the Miniature Donkey Breed.
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Miniature Donkey Education and Care
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